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Here’s How McDonald’s Is Beefing Up Its Sustainable Game


In the recent years, fast food chains have taken several steps to ensure that their food is healthier and produced in a more sustainable fashion. In major news, fast food giant, McDonald’s has announced that it is going to focus on sustainable beef.

Two Pilot Programs

To explore the production and use of sustainable beef, McDonald’s will be funding two sustainable beef pilot programs. The first program will be conducted by the Noble Foundation, which will study was that sustainability can be improved in the US beef supply chain.

McDonald’s will also be providing $4.5 million to study cattle-grazing practices to judge whether they can effect carbon impact.

While these are McDonald’s first steps towards a sustainable beef program in the US, it has been focusing on sustainable beef since 2012 when it became a member of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Since then it has been conducting sustainability tests in Europe, Brazil and Canada.