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Here’s Why Marshmello’s Cooking Show On YouTube Is A Class Apart


In addition to the fact that it gets us dancing.

We know his music and love it. We’ve all danced on it on innumerable occasions and we’re also definitely not the only ones to be reminded of food whenever the mention of popular electronic dance music DJ Marshmello comes up (the man’s stage name is “Marshmello” and he wears one on his head, for crying out loud!). Well, the artist gave us one more reason to relate him with food. No, we’re not referring to his 2017 hit Take It Back, which featured a number of fluffy marshmallow-headed family members and a whole lot of food. The DJ kicked off a cooking show on YouTube a few months back, and we couldn’t let out a bigger “finally!”.

Christened Cooking With Marshmello, the food series, which now has 14 short roughly 3-minute-long segments, has the music producer whipping up some interesting dishes from across the globe like Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Mexican Fajitas de Carne, Indian samosas, and even Mongolian Beef (all of which are inspired by his many world tours over the years).


Keeping It Mello

Starting with a warm “Welcome to Mello’s Kitchen”, the cooking videos are a class apart not only because the chef sports a big white marshmallow on his but also because he communicates with his body language that is in sync with the narration (obviously, not provided by him).

Adding a dollop of theatrics to his gimmick, Marshmello also mimics some popular moves like that of #SaltBae – not his own moves are any less entertaining – while swaying away on electronic beats in a stark white kitchen. All this while legit cooking up an edible meal! Or so it looks like. And of course, he ends it with a social-media-worthy plating and a dapper ending.

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Anyhoo, we dare you to go through even a single one of the DJ’s video without breaking up into laughter. Check out his cooking series here.

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