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Here’s Why Mango Is Deemed As A Super Fruit


Come summers and we’ll all be binging on mangoes be it raw or in the form of desserts and other delicacies too. According to the experts at Texas A&M University, it is also a superfood that may help in breast cancer prevention.

Hear It From The Experts

“We wanted to investigate the anti-inflammatory and cell-toxicity properties of mango polyphenols on breast cancer and non-cancer cells,” said Dr. Susanne Talcott, director for research at the institute and assistant professor, nutrition and food science department, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. “There was already some research done showing that polyphenolic compounds, such as those found in the mango, have cancer-fighting properties.”

Talcott further said that these compounds found in mango have antioxidant properties that help in decreasing oxidative stress. This stress is one of the main reasons for chronic diseases like cancer he explains Talcott plus polyphenolics are also anti-inflammatory. “We recently completed one in vitro study and one using mice to see if the polyphenols found in mango did, in fact, exhibit inflammation- and cancer-fighting properties,” he said.

Talking about cancer fighting properties of mango Talcott said, “The tumour-fighting potential of mango polyphenolics may at least in part be based on those same properties which reduced cancer cell proliferation and reduce inflammation that may be involved in carcinogenesis.”

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