Here’s Why You Love Spicy Food So Much


Ever wondered why you love that extra kick of the chili so much or why you keep a bottle of Tabasco handy? It’s pure science, so tuck in with some chili and read along to know what goes on inside your body and you brain when you eat spicy food.

The Spicy Reaction

We’re not just talking about your face turning read, forehead getting sweaty or tears rolling down from your eyes. Insider explains that that there no actual heat in a pepper but it does trigger a compound inside our body known as capsaicin that binds to the pain receptors on the nerves. When you eat a chilli or a pepper, it sends heat signals to the brain which is similar to what your brain experiences when it actually experiences a hot climate.

So you then start to sweat, your face turns red, you know the drill. This happens because your body is trying to cool off. Then why do we enjoy spicy food so much? Along with the reaction of the pain receptors, the brain also releases endorphins and dopamine as explained by Insider. So the chemical combination create a euphoria somewhat similar to a ‘runner’s high’ which is why you enjoy it so much. Need better news? A study has found that spicy food lovers have a lower blood pressure and another one says that it might help you live a longer life.