Here’s A List Of Gluten-Free Spirits That You Can Drink Up Without Thinking Twice

Here’s A List Of Gluten-Free Spirits That You Can Drink Up Without Thinking Twice

Peter Green, the director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University recently spoke about the spirits that do not have gluten to the Insider. So those on a gluten-free diet or having an allergy to gluten can now drink these spirits without thinking twice.

Understanding Gluten

He begins by talking about how gluten is a term for the storage protein component of various cereal grains like wheat, rye and barley for instance. He explains that in the grain form, the bulk in made up of carbohydrate and is a major source of carbs in the Western population. Then there is a small part of the protein which we call gluten.

Alcohol For Those On A Gluten-Free Diet

So the major question that we now deal with is that those who want to avoid gluten and still drink up, what can they have?

Gluten-Free Beer

Green says that beer should otherwise be not consumed if a person is planning to stay gluten-free because beer is made from hops which has gluten. However, there are some which are made from different components like sorghum and are gluten-free.


Oenophiles, you have nothing to worry because is wine is absolutely gluten-free so drink up and those looking for alcohol options and drink guilt-free, might consider switching to beer. It’s your safest bet.

Distilled Liquor

Green explains that during the distillation process, the vaporous products containing alcohol wear off and that the protein components do not get transferred in the final product. He says that any form of distilled liquor is gluten-free whether made from gluten-free grains or not.