Here’s A Kardashian Thanksgiving Menu, Take Note People

With Thanksgiving exactly a week away, we could totally use any and every menu tip and trick out there. Though we wouldn’t have to scavenge much as social media and our beloved celebs are more than happy to oblige. After Bobby Flay’s ‘no cranberry martini’ tip, it’s now Khloé Kardashian who’s giving us holiday party ideas (and goals) with yet another epic Thanksgiving menu.

While we’re scrambling for dishes to throw into our menu, Kardashian is already well armed with a full-fledged menu, which she recently shared on her app. The menu boasts of thirteen classic as well as unconventional preparations that will definitely get her houseguests reeling.


What’s For Dinner?

“I usually host Thanksgiving every year, but my sisters and my mom would bring a few dishes to help me out in the kitchen. But now being in Cleveland, I have to do everything on my own. But I love it and I’m really looking forward to doing it again this year”, Khloé wrote of her second time hosting a Thanksgiving evening. The party will be hosted at Kardashian’s chic abode that the 33-year-old shares with beau Tristan Thompson.

In a detailed picture of the menu, Kardashian shared her dinner and dessert dishes. The former will see several traditional Thanksgiving dishes like sweet potato soufflé, sweet creamed corn, mac and cheese, turkey, stuffing, and gravy along with some chicken wings. As for dessert, the reality star will serve up pie – apple and pumpkin, to be precise – cookies, and cinnamon buns.

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“I hope you all have a beautiful day with the ones you love!” Kardashian said. Well, ours probably may not be as swanky as yours, Khloé, but we’re taking notes nonetheless!


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