Here’s Why Kamal Haasan Believes In Growing Food Through Organic Farming

The world is fast catching up with healthy and nutritious eating and moreover procuring food that is grown with a minimum amount of chemical. In other words, organic farming is the next big thing in the agricultural space. And popular actor Kamal Hassan endorsed the same during a recent event in Chennai.

The actor highlighted that there is a basic definition that sets genetically modified crops apart from organically produced foods, which people usually forget. “We modify the corn crop to kill the insect which feeds on it for nutrients. How long would that toxic substance take to kill us? If we try to speed up nature’s work, we’ll only be behaving foolishly”, Haasan claimed.

“Tampering with genes is something you can’t do overnight and scientists believe they can do so because they are getting courage from alleged capitalists”, Haasan said.Here’s Why Kamal Haasan Believes In Growing Food Through Organic Farming

On the personal front, the actor said that he stopped consuming mangoes and certain fruits, as he knew how they were made, referring to the fact that chemicals are used to ripen the fruit. Moreover, he criticized merchants and called them “greedy” for using illegal substances and methods to ripen it or to extend the food substances’ shelf life. “For now they are greedy, but we can change them as they are not our enemies”.

Further, the actor has taken healthy eating and organic farming a step ahead by allotting space in his house for farming and claimed that if people begin to grow food in their homes, that would lead to a healthy competition. “Not only me, my fans also will help with organic evolution. In my new home, I have made arrangements to do farming”, Haasan said.

Haasan said, “Only greed makes us eat such poison-ridden food. There is no diversity now and we forget that the ascent of man was due to his being omnivorous. Nature has made such diverse species and if we destroy them for greed, we are killing our Earth.”

Now that’s a good – and healthy – Samaritan right there! Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Feature Image: YouTube

Source: India Today