Here’s Introducing Munia’s Menu In Mumbai – The Home Caterer You Need This Holiday Season!

The Christmas holidays are a welcome, yet often stressful time. While you probably get time off work you very rarely have free time; days are spent shopping for presents and hunting for trees while nights are inevitably spent hosting out of town relatives or friends. On such occasions, there are three ways you can feed your hungry guests. One: Wake up at the crack of dawn, make a few dishes and feel like a zombie come evening. Two: pay a hefty price for outside caterers. Three: Get homemade meals from a home cook – meals that are guaranteed to taste good and impress your guests but still have that ‘homey’ touch. If the third option sounds like the way to go, allow us to introdue you to a new find; Madhu Sarkar, who curates a home-made catering menu called ‘Munia’s Menu’.


Meet Madhu Sarkar

Like most home caterers, Madhu Sarkar, fondly known as ‘Munia’ is not a chef by profession. Instead, she’s a production designer who has worked on several well known films such as ‘The Shaukeens’ and ‘Mardaani’. Yup – the Rani Mukherjee starrer. She’s also a food stylist, which explains why the photographs of the fare offered by Munia’s Menu are so drool worthy.


When she’s not styling sets, Sarkar is cooking up a storm in her kitchen, a hobby which she decided to turn into a business venture three months ago. “My way of leaving stress behind was cooking; after a bad day I’d go back home and cook. My friends started saying ‘Why are you feeding people free of cost; take money for it,’ Sarkar tells us. And hence, Munia’s Menu was born.

What’s On The Menu?

Through years of cooking (and experimenting on her family), Sarkar has mastered a variety of cuisines. “I do Bong food, Malayali food and Continental. In fact, I cook everything – I’m okay with everything expect for Chinese,” she laughingly says. She also discusses a lack of authentic Malayali food in Mumbai, saying that while there are plenty of Bong options there’re are very few places sending out Mallu food.

Because of this lack of familiarity and also to make things easier for her customers, Sarkar sells her fare in set combo menus as opposed to dish- to- dish orders. A Bengali set meal, for instance may include a package of cholar dal, kosha mangsho along with servings off luchi (maida pooris). This package would serve four.  

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re on the lookout for holiday dishes that you  can serve hungry guests and visitors, Sarkar has put together a ‘Season’s Special’ menu including delicious sounding treats like the ‘Bacon Bomb’ – minced meat and cheddar cheese stuffed in bacon, a dish of Creamy Mashed Potatoes and a serving of Grilled Fish. Sarkar also bakes Christmas cakes with dry fruits that she can send out all over India!


Give It A Try?

Ordering from Munia’s Menu is a simple task. Simply head over to her Facebook page, scroll through those mouth-watering photographs to decide what you want and then give Sarkar a call on 09167167602.

At her end, Sarkar will head out and buy fresh ingredients to make your meal, which is why she asks that you place your orders 24 hours in advance. She’s tied up with  the delivery system, Rush, that delivers all over Mumbai and allows you to pay through a Quick Wallet facility. After crafting the meal in her home kitchen, she’ll pack it up and the delivery service will deliver it right to your door, a delivery process that is as easy as (Shepherd’s) pie – which is also available on her Christmas menu. Go ahead, give it a try and you may just find the home caterer you’ve been looking for!