Here’s The Ingredient You Need To Make Your Tomato Soup As Good As Gigi Hadid’s


Gigi Hadid is one gorgeous face and a beautiful soul. And her love for food has been evident over time, given her post ramp walk food stints with BFF and fellow food lover Kendall Jenner and her quests to look up the best restaurants in whichever city she is in. but did you know that Hadid is equally diligent in the kitchen as well?

In a recent event hosted by Reebok, the Victoria’s Secret model spoke about her love for cooking. “When I’m home, it also is very therapeutic for me to cook.” Hadid said that as much as she loves to relax during her cooking hours, she also loves it when her near ones join in. “I love asking my boyfriend, ‘Name a random thing you like,’ and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it, but it’s just a fun thing to do to try and challenge yourself,” Hadid explained.dsc_0648

She also revealed that she absolutely treasures the time spent in her kitchen and is an innovator when it comes to whipping up classic recipes, like the season’s special tomato soup. And as a result of her creative stints on the stove, the model has even come up with a stepped up – and unique – version of the classic tomato soup. Hadid’s tomato soup boasts of added orzo, which is a short-cut rice-shaped pasta that is usually used in salads, risottos, and baked casseroles. What an idea!

Not just that, the food-loving beauty likes to serve the special tomato soup – which she makes from scratch, by the way – with what she calls “grilled-cheese dippers”. Damn girl, you just gave us a whole new reason to spend the holidays doused in tomato soup and orzo!