Here’s How Women Can Detox Post The Holiday Season

During December, many people toss their diets and health constraints out of the window to live it up a little. We have no qualms with that – we did  pretty much the same. However, if you’re like us, your bodies are probably beginning to complain.


It’ll take a few weeks for your body to deal with the excess alcohol and food you put into it. Here’s a few ways you can help it.

No Cigarettes, Booze or Caffeine!


Cut them out, at least for a while. They put toxins into your body that will slow down the detoxing process. And, your body can’t detox if you keep overloading it with toxins, right? 

Try Cutting out Red Meat


You should probably try ditching beef and bacon for a while too. We’re not saying you have to give them up forever, but red meat tends to be hard for your body to digest; an added strain that it doesn’t need right now.

Load Up On Fruits & Veggies


They’ll give your body the fibres and nutrients it needs to flush the bad guys (i.e toxins) out of your system.

Try A Cleanse?


Do a juice cleanse with fresh juices or a smoothie cleanse with a variety of smoothies for a day or two. However, don’t go overboard; if you’re craving solid food go ahead and eat some vegetables and carbs too.

Eat Your Carbohydrates!


Very often, after indulging heavily on food, people tend to cut out carbs in an effort to quickly shed some pounds. Not a good idea; carbs give your body energy to discard toxins. You can reduce your consumption of carbs, but don’t cut them out completely!

Drink Gallons


Even if you’re doing a liquid cleanse remember to drink plenty of water. Most experts recommend 6-8 glasses a day. It’s the best medicine!