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Here’s How To Use Twitter and Rivalry To Get Free Pizzas For a Year


Fast food companies are the world’s biggest sworn enemies. Take the sudden range of rainbow burgers available in the world for instance; while one fast food chain introduced black burgers, another created red burgers and then a third responded by introducing pink burgers (KFC, we’re looking at you).

A man in the UK has found a way to make this rivalry work to his advantage; by playing two pizza delivery companies against each other, he’s managed to get himself free pizzas for a year. Here’s how it went down.

1) UK Company O2 started a campaign that would deliver Twitter users pizzas.  

This campaign promised to deliver pizzas to users who tweeted their address with the hashtag #waggytails.

2) Dan May Tries To Order a Pizza From 02

However, no pizza was delivered and Dan expressed his outrage through Twitter. Rival company Three UK saw his tweet and offered to make good on its rival’s promise.

3) Pizzas from Three UK Arrive At Dan’s Address

Not only did Three UK send over a pizza, but they also threw in a tub of ice cream for good measure.

4) 02 Offers Dan Free Pizzas for A Year

Not to be outdone, 02 sent a message to Dan asking for his details so they could send him free pizzas for a year.

5) This genius gets a year’s supply of free pizza

And now, of course, Dan is being hounded by press and fans alike who want to discover the secret of his Twitter charms. He claims he will be uploading a blog post about it soon; watch out for it!