Here’s How To Use Different Teas To Influence Your Moods

While we all know how helpful a cup of tea is when you’ve just stumbled out of bed and need to pry your eyes open, did you know that tea can be helpful in a range of other cases as well? Whether you need a pick-me-up, are feeling under the weather or need to calm down and sleep, different kinds of teas can be your saviours. Here’s what you need to know.

Feeling Blue?

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When you’ve had a bad day, a cup of tea may turn it around. Reach for a citrus flavoured tea like orange or lemon. You could also try other fruit flavoured teas like cherry; the fruity smells will boost your mood and the tea will fill your body with antioxidants, perking up your system.

Feeling Lazy?

If you really need to perk yourself up and be productive try sipping on some black chai or green tea. If you want to avoid caffeine completely, mint tea is a great, natural way to boost your system.

Feeling Energetic?

Energy is good…except when you’re trying to drift off to sleep at night. Sip on chamomile tea or lavender tea which will relax your body.

Feeling Anxious?

Chamomile tea is also a great option if you’re stressed or worried about a big presentation or test. It’ll relax your nerves.

Feeling Under The Weather?

If you have an itchy throat and feel a cold coming on, try Indian chai, or herbal blends of tea. The herbs have natural components that will help your immune system fight off sickness.

We’d also like to leave you with a helpful chart from Swanson Vitamins; print it out and stick it in your kitchen and drink your way to happiness!