Here’s How Sipping On Freshly Brewed Beer On A Lush Green Rooftop In Mumbai Feels Like

Here’s How Sipping On Freshly Brewed Beer On A Lush Green Rooftop In Mumbai Feels Like

A serene rooftop bar encapsulated by the lush greens that can effortlessly transform into a chic party hub at nighttime is hard to find. But luckily for all those living in SoBo that shouldn’t be a problem for we have the gorgeous Verbena Brewpub and Skygarden that is sure to mesmerise one and all. And here’s the best part, the beauty isn’t the only unique thing about this brewpub. So what is it then? Read on to find out.

Freshly Brewed Beer Anyone

We were introduced to barrels full of beer boiling, fermenting, maturing beer all at this lovely microbrewery. Yes, they make their own craft beer and do a great job doing it. Firstly, the area where the beers are brewed is completely clean, hygienic and regular checks go on to give the patrons a perfect glass of the fresh brew. We observed that there was yet another ingredient that goes into the craft beers at Verbena that make them oh-so-good and that ingredient is passion, which can be tasted in all their brews.

Needless to say, we were impressed by the way the microbrewery functions but here comes the taste test. So, Verbena currently brews five beers – Verbena Witbier, Aye Blonde, Stout-n-Out, Forbidden Fruit and Yayger Bierster. We tried them all and the divine, crisp taste that you get out of fresh brews is something you won’t find in a bottled beer. So yes, that sets them apart and each one has a unique flavour. Our pick was the is the Forbidden Fruit which is essentially an ale with fruity flavours, perfect for the humid city of ours.

The other four were equally great and we loved the robust notes of bitter chocolate and espresso in the Stout-n-Out. Our second favourite was the Verben Witbier which is again quite fruity and is a Belgian-style Witbier which goes in smoothly and has no strong after-taste. One definitely must try their special concoction which is the Yayger Bierster, a lager which has lovely botanical flavours and makes for a smooth brew. Their special touch in this one is that they add Jagermeister to it and it enhances the flavour.

Lip Smacking Nibblers

We tried some bar snacks along with our tall glass of chilled Forbidden Fruit. The Traditional Chicken Wings are made in two ways – Wok tossed winglets and Mexican winglets. We chose the latter in which chicken wings were doused in spicy chipotle sauce and they were absolutely delicious. Next time we’re surely going for the extra fiery, wok tossed winglets because we’re sure these are going to knock our socks off as well. We also binged on the Cripsy Lotus Stem which was tossed in a lovely honey chilli sauce. This also went perfectly well with our beer but we’d suggest that you order these with the Stout-n-Out. And for that you’ll have to head to Verbena Brewpub and Skygarden soon where you’ll get to experience fresh brews, great food and a lush verdant ambience that too on a rooftop!

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