Here’s How Ginger Helps In Reducing Bad Breath

Here’s How Ginger Helps In Reducing Bad Breath

A recent study conducted by Technical University of Munich (TUM) has found a pungent compound called 6-gingerol helps in reducing bad breath. The researchers say that this compound has the ability to break down the smell causing enzyme in the saliva thus reducing odour. The study also says that citric acid in food substances also makes the salty foods taste less salty and so sipping on your ginger lemon tea seems to be a good idea for a fresh breath.

The Study Of Ginger

The study conducted saw that within seconds, ginger was able to increase the levels of enzyme sulfhydryl oxidase 1 in the saliva. This causes the odour causing enzyme to break down and even aftertaste of coffee and many other foods. “As a result, our breath also smells better,” explains Prof. Hofmann, who headed the study.

Talking about the ability of citric acid to reduce the sodium levels in the saliva he adds, “Table salt is nothing other than sodium chloride, and sodium ions play a key role in the taste of salt. If saliva already contains higher concentrations of sodium ions, samples tasted must have a significantly higher salt content in order to taste comparatively salty.”


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