Here’s Where To Get Yourself Some Decadent FreakShakes In Mumbai


If you’re not familiar with the term ‘FreakShake’ yet, perhaps you’re not on Instagram. The FreakShake, which is basically what happens when a milkshake explodes into pure awesomeness, has become a favourite hashtag (#FreakShake) amongst foodies on Instagram, because it’s so visually appealing and delightfully indulgent.


Originally born at the Patissez Cafe in Australia – read more about that here – the FreakShake has travelled across the world and now sits comfortably on many a menu in Mumbai. Here’s where to get your fill:

Kala Ghoda 145  

145 at Kala Ghoda opened its doors a few months ago and has been dleighting  patrons with its quirky vibe, comfort food and drinks. While it has some delicious signature cocktails, many customers give up the booze to indulge on their milkshakes; on the menu is a Mighty Oreo Milkshake, a Nutella Milkshake and REd Velvet Milkshake (seen above).


Mighty Small  

Mightly Small distingujishjes itself as India’s first carnival themed cafe. Adding to the fjun are its ‘CrazyShakes’ like the Nutella, Banana Peanut Buttrer and Pretzel shake or the Bounty, coconut brownie and chocolate shake.

Di Bella Coffee


Di Bella Coffee, famed for its waffles brought Arno Backes of the Melbourne Ganache Chocolate brand to India to create some authentic Aussie Freakshakes including the Melbourne Freakshake, the Childhood Wonderland Freakshake and the Gold Coast Preztel FreakShake. Read more here!


Rustico is another fairly new eatery which has some decadent milkshakes; especially famous are its Oreo shakes.


Try the Hazelnut FreakShake at Spesso; the caption says it all.