Here’s A Futuristic Water Purifier From Livpure To Amp Up Your Lifestyle!

Back To The Future’s Marty McFly and Dr. Brown may not have entirely wrong about the future. Now, we sure don’t have flying cars but there is no doubt about the fact that today is the future! No, we haven’t found a secret portal, only a water purifier that trumps all others – the Livpure i-taste RO Purifier.

So what’s so special about this machine that makes it better than your RO purifier? For starters, the i-taste RO Purifier is India’s first water purifier that is Wi-Fi enabled, which enables the device to automatically communicate with Livepure’s service team to facilitate preventive maintenance/filter replacement as and when required.

Further, the purifier boasts of a number of amazing features like an insect proof purified water storage tank, a touch interface, an interactive LCD display, power saving facility, an advanced eight-stage purification system, and the ability to dispense hot, cold, and ambient water among many other attractive qualities!Here’s A Futuristic Water Purifier From Livpure To Amp Up Your Lifestyle!

And the one feature that has got us completely floored is the i-taste’s ‘Dial Your Taste’ and ‘Custom Dispensing Modes’ that let the user control the taste and volume of the purified water as it comes with a unique anti-oxidant and mineral cartridge. See what we meant? What spells out ‘future’ better than a water purifier as intelligent as the Livpure i-taste?

To know more, check out Livpure’s official website here.


Feature Image: Her Mentor Center