Here’s What Your Favourite Food Mascots Would Look As Anime Characters

At the risk of sounding pretentious, we say this: art is everywhere. From the food we eat, to the movies we watch, it’s all art. And the best thing about art is that there are various ways of looking at it. Food mascots, for example. We’ve seen most of these icons and mascots as animated people, caricatures and/or logos. But what if someone were to personify them and reimagine them in a way. Well, someone has.

An artist by the name of Ozumii took an interesting take on some of the most popular food mascots and re-made them as people with characters more strong human-like characteristics like flowy long hair for the women, a muscular strong built for the women, and fashionably on-point clothes and for all of them!

Take a look at some of his caricatures, beginning with this Burger King sketch that also features a rather cheeky quote: “Why dine w/ a clown when you can dine with a king?”

Oh and the masculine stealth doesn’t end there. Here’s Colonel Sanders looking like a model right out of Vogue. Complete with a suave beard and flawless grey hair, this is so not the Colonel we’ve seen all our lives!

And here’s coffee giant Starbucks’ iconic Medusa, looking cheerier and chicer than we would’ve imagined her! With that off-shoulder striped top and high-waist bottoms complete with a sparkly Frappuccino, this one looks right out of high school!

Speaking of young, here is Ronald McDonald and the Wendy’s mascot indulging in, what we’re guessing, is a friendly brawl. And we cannot not miss those snide and typically Wendy’s replies. No macs for guessing, who would win this one! Though, Ronald did try to hug and settle it. Ugh.


These are just some of the artist’s works. Check out his Facebook page for some more interesting caricatures!


Images: Eater


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