Here’s Our Experience Of The #MyMood #MyStarbucks Campaign


A couple of days ago, we told you about the #MyMood, #My Starbucks campaign that the uber popular coffee chain has launched across India. Yesterday, with a shiny Starbucks card in hand we took a trip to Powai’s expansive Starbucks outlet to battle the heat and experience the campaign ourselves.

#MyMood #MyStarbucks

In case you didn’t catch our earlier piece on it, and are too lazy to click on this link to read about it  (hey, Domino’s Zero Click app may be just the thing you need), allow us to tell you a little about the campaign.

Through April Starbucks cafes across the country are inviting you to fill out a short form before placing your coffee order. This form asks for your mood and your preferred coffee order to go with that mood. After specifying both, you’re handed a card that allows you two free customisations on your next order; bring on the whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! Sounds (literally) sweet, right? Many foodies and celebrities agree; take a look at a few personalities that have jumped aboard the campaign:


Naturally, after seeing these photos we had to get ourselves to Starbucks too.


Just outside the Starbucks’ Powai outlet were two partners, offering passers-by samples of Starbucks’ new Chestnut Crunch Latte. Along with the cute cups of the coffee, they were asking drinkers there moods and handing them little mood cards.


After telling them our mood; “It’s Way Too Hot Today” and “I’m Hungry (because, Hungry Forever)” we waltzed into the cafe and placed an order for a tall glass of the Chestnut Crunch Latte and the Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha, also a new drink which we had been wanting to try. With the campaign, our drinks got a few additional titles, becoming the ‘It’s way too hot today Chestnut Crunch Latte’ and the “I’m Hungry Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha Frappuccino”.


The Chestnut Crunch Latte went a long way in soothing our overheated nerves; it was wonderfully creamy, cold and sweet. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha satiated our hunger for a while; it’s a hearty, indulgent combination of mocha and espresso, red velvet sauce, whipped cream and strawberry slices. We also went an extra mile and added chocolate chips to our Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha – an add-on that we will be requesting in the future.

With the #MyMood #MyStarbucks campaign, our next two indulgent experiments with coffee will be on Starbucks – yet another reason to head over there again soon. What about you? Do you associate Starbucks coffee with any particular moods? Does a particular blend hold a special memory? Now’s the time to share it; visit any Starbucks outlet in India, share your moods and drinks on the Starbucks community board and get sipping.