Here’s Why Drake Fought At The Cheesecake Factory With His Girlfriend

Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake,

You know I love to go there


Award-winning Rihanna-smothering singer, songwriter and rapper, Drake’s love for The Cheesecake Factory is not unknown. The singer rhymes about the eatery in his latest album Views. He even dined at a Houston outlet of the restaurant recently. In fact, there is a stream of ‘Drake Loves The Cheesecake Factory’ meme doing the rounds on the World Wide Web. For example, this:

landscape-1462026666-drake-cheesecakeImage: Esquire


And this rather creative one:


And there are a ton more from where these came from!


Anywho, such is the depth of the One Dance singer’s love for The Cheesecake Factory that the outlet has even featured in the music video for Drake’s new song Child’s Play. The music video features Drake and his on-screen girlfriend, supermodel Tyra Banks, in what looks like exposed infidelity and a date gone wrong at The Cheesecake Factory for reasons Banks is quite vocal about at the beginning of the “short film”. 

Banks doesn’t hold herself back and there’s some serious cheesecake smearing on the singer’s face, despite Drake arguing that “This a place for families that drive Camrys and go to Disney; They don’t need to know all of our business”.screen-shot-2016-09-03-at-10-30-07-pm

The Grammy-winning rapper’s resistance is all in vain because his girlfriend doesn’t give a flying cheesecake about who’s looking at them; Drake eventually ends up with wine and cheesecake all over him. Tch tch.

We like the song. And Drake. And Tyra Banks. And The Cheesecake Factory, of course. All in all, just watch the music video short film already!


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