Here’s How Chrissy Teigen Defended Pizza On Twitter

Fighting for the one you love is plain and simple human instinct. And this instinct that can span over materialistic belongings and non-living things that you deeply care for as well. A fact that Chrissy Teigen recently proved on Twitter while speaking up for the globally gobbled food pizza.

Known for her wit and sass (or so these fried chicken jumpsuits suggest), Teigen recently responded to a Nigerian health blog called Naija Gym Blog for putting down pizza Holy what?!

The health blog posted a picture of two slices of pepperoni pizza to twitter with the caption reading “Two slices of pizza are the equivalent to swallowing 3 spoons of warm oil. Do you feel like eating pizza now?” Take a look:

Chrissy Teigen was as calm and collected as ever, and very simply replied with a one word answer.

Now, Teigen’s wit aside, who in their right minds would agree on the warm oil and pizza comparison. Apparently the 1.7k people who liked the blog’s tweet. But the only saving grace that makes this planet worth living on is the fact that over 300k people agreed with the pizza-loving diva instead.

But the Naija Gym Blog wasn’t satisfied quite yet, because just hours after Teigen’s reply they rolled out a vote with the same caption.


But here’s the saving grace again, 90% of over 10K voters voted ‘YES’. So that ‘s that. Can we order a large pepperoni now, please?