Here’s How Candy, Gum And Caramel Are Affecting Your Intestines

People are generally advised to stay away from gum and candy because of the amount of sugar they contain. A recent study has also found that additives in chewing gum, candy and even bread can make the body more vulnerable to infections.

The Dangers Of Titanium Oxide

Titanium oxide is a common additive found in a range of foods. In a recent study, researchers from the Binghampton University tested the effects of titanium dioxide on a small model of the intestines. They looked at the effect of the component on the model four hours after it was ingested as well as five days after it was ingested.

Chronic exposure to titanium oxide was found to make zinc, fatty acids and iron less easy to absorb and the intestines weaker overall.

Commenting on the purpose and findings behind and of the study, Professor Gretchen Mahler, a study co-author said “Professor Gretchen Mahler said: ‘Titanium oxide is a common food additive and people have been eating a lot of it for a long time. We were interested in some of the subtle effects and we think people should know about them.”

Titanium Oxide is commonly found in candy, chewing cum, donuts, skimmed milk and even some chocolates. It’s also found in paints, paper, plastics and some toothpastes.

Professor Mahler said “to avoid foods rich in titanium oxide nanoparticles you should avoid processed foods, and especially candy. That is where you see a lot of nanoparticles.”

The researchers suggest further studies should be done about the effects and prevalence of titanium oxide.



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