Here’s How You Can Do Make Up With Your Food

This has not been animal-tested. Well, duh-uh!


If you’ve kept up with even one Kardashian or can tell a lipstick from a lip balm, you’d know what face contouring is. If not, it’s okay because thanks to make up artist Tim O you are about to find out soon.

The artist who goes by the Instagram handle ‘skelotim’ likes his food as much as he likes make-up. A fact that is evident from his work. His work draws inspiration from all his (and every junk food lover’s) favorite grubs off the snack and candy section – right from a pack of Doritos to a can of Coca-Cola. And the results are unbelievable, to say the least!

But that’s not all. In one of his recent “tutorials”, the food-obsessed creative mind took his make-up regime a notch higher by using food items as make-up apparatus! Watch how to use a french fry for that perfect cat-eye; a burrito to sculpt gorgeous cheekbones; and a burger to highlight them temples!


Of course he ate the food when the make-up was done!


Feature Image: Mashable