Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Bread Omelette In Chennai

In India, 90% of the population thrives on street food. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s absolutely delicious and literally every corner of every street has a box shop that serves something so good that you wouldn’t mind stopping on a hot day or a wet day or a busy day just to get a bite to eat. Street food has had a place in the hearts of Indians forever. Think chaat and chill cheese toast sandwiches and pakodas and corn on the cob. It’s something that we love and we will continue to love.

And Chennai is no stranger to street food. Whether it’s street food that was invented here or adopted from other parts of the country is besides the point. Whatever kind of street food you’re looking for, Chennai can definitely offer that for you. There’s chaat and samosas and of course since we are in the South of India, stalls serve idli-sambar and vada all day long. And you can get a plate loaded with this deliciousness for such an affordable rate. That’s the magic of street food.

But the one street food item that is special to Chennai (besides the murukku sandwich) is obviously the bread omelette. What’s special about it you ask? Watch this video and tell us it’s something you see everywhere in the world. The omelette is made first, then the bread is laid on top of it and it’s all folded together, cut into smaller pieces and served with chutney and sauce. It might not look like much, but it could fill your tummy and maybe even make you ask for another one.

There are lots of places in the city where you can find bread omelette, most of them are stalls by the road. Look for the blue boxes with trays of eggs and coffee and tea being sold and you’re bound to find someone making this delicacy. However, to help you narrow it down, we’ve got a list. Take note.

Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Bread Omelette In Chennai Photo

Alsa Mall

Right outside Alsa Mall, on Montieth Road, there are two stalls that sell the bread omelette. One is more famous than the other, but don’t tell them that. One is a blue box without a name and the other is Sree Balaji Sandwich Stall. But they both make delicious bread omelette and eat it with a hot cup of cutting chai and your day is made. If you don’t believe us, you probably should swing by and try it for yourself.


Yes, it’s a large area and there are probably tons of bread omelette making stalls here, but there’s this one special guy that makes bread omelette that will blow your mind. Located at the head of the lane right next to the KFC, there’s a sandwich guy who makes a whole slew of them, but mostly, you need to try his bread omelette. If it doesn’t make you go back for more, we’ll make it up to you.

Royal Sandwich

Okay, Royal Sandwich has pretty much every sandwich you could think of. He’s famous for his sandwiches and he will continue to be famous for his creations and concoctions for years to come. But his bread omelette is definitely one to try. Take a seat or pack it to go, but don’t miss out.

Sandwich Square

Part of the same family as Royal Sandwich, this sandwich shop is spread out all over the city. Literally anywhere you look, you will find an outlet. Like their sister sandwich shop, they’ve got pretty much everything including the infamous bread omelette. So, what are you waiting for?

Marina Beach

This might be one of the most famous ones and it might take some finding. But look behind the Gandhi statue and you should spot the sandwich stall. If he’s not there, he’s definitely somewhere along the stretch of the beach. And come on, it’s totally worth the walk. Especially with the Chennai weather getting better as the days go by.

If you know of any other place that serves great bread omelette, leave a comment in the section below and let us know!