Here’s How You Can Deck The Dinner Table This Christmas

Christmas is all about the food and glitter! Get either one of it wrong and your party could be running for the title for the most disastrous party. There need to be of the right amount. Over loading either of which is proven to be disastrous. Get your decors right this season and serve a hearty meal to your guests. Here are some ideas and decors that you can use this season for decorating your dinner table.



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It is Christmas and your excitement is understandable but dinner table is not the place to fill your excitement. So what do you do for décor? A bowl of colorful Christmas  balls or decorated Christmas balls placed in the center is an idea you can go with. Use white covers for your chairs and tie a red satin with a bow. Small fig trees placed here and there could be added to the decorations. Snow flaked candle holders are also setting a trend. If you are not willing to spend too much time on decorations, a simple long white candle placed in a candle holder will also look appropriate for the dinner table. 


Table Cloths


A snow flake table cloth could save you from a few decors. Snowflake table cloth itself is a décor and it adds the festivity to the table, peacefully. When you go for plain table clothes, you will have more space for decorations. Plain table clothes are the wisest choice you can make.

Colors you can choose from: White, Off-white, Red.


Table Runners

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Table runners must be plain when the table clothes are plain and vice-versa. If you have an overly decorated table runner, then you can happily go for a plain table cloth. Don’t be afraid to ditch the table runners if you have an decorated enough table cloth.


Placemats and Coasters


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Laced or cut-out placemats are the best for dinner tables. They look simple and pass off the elegancy test quite well. Circular mats are quite easy to find. You also get Snow-flake shaped cut-out place mats easily. Coasters are need to go with the placemats. Here are a few ideas for both.


Colors of the decor

The traditional choice of red and green for décor will have the Christmas touch, if you want to try something new. Then go for golden decors on a white. Gold and white can have that festive look on your table. White and silver do a very elegant god too. Avoid going for colors like yellow, brown, orange or purple on a dinner table because they can be a big put off.