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Here’s The Best Game Day Snack In The History Of Snacks


We’ve seen a fair share of interesting game day and post-workout snacks. Right from Simone Biles’ love for pepperoni pizza to Usain Bolt’s unmatched chicken nugget binge, it’s safe to say that fast food and sportspersons go hand in hand. Here’s another incident to prove our hypothesis.

Last Sunday by an unexpected stroke of luck, which struck after 19 long years, the Buffalo Bills secured a spot in the NFL playoffs that will eventually lead to the Super Bowl. This achievement is in part attributable to the Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Baltimore Ravens and to thank the Bengals for their win, the Bills sent over quite a package.

The Buffalo Bills took to Twitter to announce this wholesome deed and even revealed jut how much love they’d showered upon the Cincinnati Bengals. The team roped in Duff’s Famous Wings to send over 1,440 chicken wings with a colossal side of “90 lbs of celery, 30 lbs of carrots, 6 gallons of blue cheese, 9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce [and] a TON of thank you’s from Buffalo!” Like we said, the best snack in the history of snacks!

Now that’s worth securing a place in the NFL playoffs!

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