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Here’s A Natural Way To Prevent Pastry Dough Discoloration


If you love baking or have a bakery, you might make dough in bulk which can result in its discoloration. This might lead to a different colour hue after baking too thus ruining the appearance of the final product. While discoloration might not mean that the dough is spoilt but you might end up discarding it because it would affect appearance. But don’t fret as a study by scientists at American Chemical Society have found a natural remedy.

Prevent Discoloration In Dough

The study says that the discoloration of dough of pies, cakes and pastries is caused by an enzymatic browning which is a chemical process. This enzyme action is caused polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and this particular one is also the cause behind browning of fruits and vegetables particularly visible on bananas. Now bakers make bulks of dough and store them and while they have commercial additives to their rescue, the demand for an all-natural product is increasing. Thus the research aimed to develop a solution.

The solution discovered by  Peter Fischer and colleagues is a combination of white wine and lemon juice can prevent this discoloration most effectively. To reach this result, the team of researchers tested a variety of synthetic additives and these produced different effects on the pastry dough. Some resulted in little discoloration of the dough initially but kept the dough from further discoloration during storage while others kept the dough colour intact. But white wine and lemon juice worked best in stopping the enzymatic action and kept the dough from browning.