Here Are Some Unusual Uses For Salt That Prove It’s Equally Essential Outside The Kitchen

Have you ever heard of the superstition that says it’s bad luck for house to be without salt? I don’t know how true that is, but I have seen a mother or two completely flip when they realised that there was no salt in their houses. It’s not fun for the involved parties – trust me.

As you would know, salt is integral in cooking and is an essential component of our bodies. However, there’s thousands of other ways that salt can be used, which perhaps explains why every household never be without it.



Spoonful’s of salt can be used as an abrasive when scrubbing vessels. You can also use salt to clean artificial flowers (place them and a quarter cup of salt in a clean bag and shake 3 -4 times), to remove carpet stains (wet the area, sprinkle salt over it and vacuum the area after a few hours) or to remove rust stains (mix lemon juice and salt together in equal parts and scrub at the rust stains).



Before the age of fridges, salt was used to preserve food, as it slowed down chemical reactions that lead to bacterial growth. Today salt is used in pickles and dried foods for the same reason. In the same way, you could scrub wicker furniture with warm salt to five it a longer life. Similarly, straw brooms brushed with salt tend to stay stiffer for a longer time.

Pest Control


There’s something about salt that scares a variety of pests. Sprinkle a line of salt around entrances to your home to create an effective barrier against ants. You can also sprinkle a little salt around your garden to keep away snails and other pesky pests that feed on your flowers.



If you’ve been stung by a bee, wet the wound and cover it with salt to soothe the burn. Gargling a concoction of warm water and salt will help a sore throat. You could also soak your feet in a mixture of warm water and salt to relieve foot pain.



If you’ve been cooking with strong smelling ingredients like garlic or onions, rub your fingers with a little salt and lemon and rinse them for odourless hands! You can also combine equal parts of baking soda and salt to create an impromptu toothpaste!



If you’re breaking in new towels, add a cup of salt to the water you use the first few times you wash them. The salt will allow the towels to retain their colour for longer. You can also sprinkle salt in smelly shoes to deodorize them.

While Cooking


We know you know how to use salt in dishes, but its also helpful in the kitchen in other ways! Rubbing some salt into the bottom of frying pans before you oil and use them will make sure your eggs or pancakes don’t stick. Soak scaled fish in salted water for an hour to make them easier to descale. Add a little salt to sweet dishes to enhance their flavour. Finally, add a pinch of salt to milk to keep it fresher for longer!
Now, perhaps you understand why salt is such an indispensable item. Will you too start having fits when you realise you’re out of salt?