Help Yourself To Loaded Fries At McDonald’s In China


Aside from its burgers, McDonald’s is best known for its classic fries; crispy golden treats, which are fried to perfection. However, lately the popular fast food chain has been stepping up its fry game – while in Japan it recently introduced pumpkin chocolate French fries, McDonald’s outlets in China are reportedly now serving Loaded Fries.

Fries Get Loaded In China

The new take on fries are ‘Loaded Italian Fries’, made by topping the fries with tomato and basil sauce and garlic pepper sauce.


As opposed to the regular fry pouch, the Loaded fries are being served in a box lined with wax paper, presumably so that the sauces don’t overflow.

The fries are being served for 113 yuan a box.
While the Italian fries are yet to arrive in India, fans of the McD fries can surprise their palate with another version of loaded fries; the Mexican cheesy fries. These fries, whip were released a few months ago douse your classic fries with a Mexican cheese sauce. Can you say Olé?