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Heineken Released A Rather Racist Ad, This Musician Thinks It Was On Purpose


It’s the 21st century and unless someone wants their social image to go for a big toss, they should tread rather carefully around topics such as sexism, racism, and gender equality, et al. However, as it turns out, Dutch beer giant, Heineken did not get that memo. The company recently launched a video commercial for its low-calorie variant, Heineken Light, and the ad hasn’t gone too well with the masses.

Heineken’s commercial features a poolside scene wherein a woman is seen frowning upon a glass of white wine and a bartender who notices this – via a pair of giant binoculars. The latter slides a bottle of Heineken Light beer to the woman in question and she happily chugs it. Pretty innocent, yes? Except for the fact that before reaching the woman, the bottle slides past three people all of who are visibly dark-skinned. That’s not all; the ad goes on to say that “sometimes lighter is better”. Don’t believe us? Check out the commercial for yourself!

Yep, we cringed too.

Needless to say, Heineken has since pulled down its seemingly racist advert amidst major social media outrage. And while people are aghast by how the company missed such an obvious racist undertone, Chance The Rapper thinks the beer giant did it on purpose. Why? Because by doing so, the companies “can get more views”, the American rapper mused on Twitter yesterday. He further tweeted that even though tweeting about the incident gave the brand all the importance, it wasn’t the sort of thing that could be ignored.

Now, one can only hope that a company of Heineken’s stature would not stoop down to such tactics to sell their products. But then again, if thousands of people noticed the visibly racist nuance in the ad, how did the beer company’s creative team possibly miss it?

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