Hector Beverages Set To Relaunch Tzinga

Hector Beverages, the makers of Paper Boat, is all set to relaunch their energy drink, Tzinga. The relaunch comes after the energy drink was recalled last year due to formulation problems encountered in the ingredients of the drink. The Food Safety and Standards Association of India noted that the ginseng and caffeine cannot be present in the same formula and issued a notice to the company for the recall. 

Talking about the problems faced by the drink and the recall due to the formula, Hector Beverages’ Chief Executive Office Neeraj Kakkar, said “When we launched Tzinga earlier, the regulation on energy drinks was not very clear. In May last year, they told us to recall the product and change the formulation.The FSSAI had said that ginseng and caffeine cannot be present in the same formula, so we have changed the formulation to remove ginseng and will relaunch Tzinga in the next two months.” 


Although Tzinga is part of an energy drinks market which is slowly on the rise, there is a still a segment of the market that still requires a targeted approach. Paperboat, another product manufactured by Hector Beverages, has seen major growth in the metros with the company looking to further its presence in tier-II and tier-III cities. 

Marking the rise in the popularity of its products, Hector Beverages recently increased its production from 300 bottles a minute to 500 bottles a minute in its facility in Mysore. The company has also increased its workforce from 250 employees last year to 900 this year. The continued upward trend of its products has encouraged the company to expand its products base to the flavoured milk segment as well, with the launch of new products this year. 

Paperboat currently appeals to an extremely niche local market with its product flavourings including aam ras, aam paana, kokum and jaljeera.