Heart Failure Might Be On The Cards For Soda Drinkers

Soda drinkers, prepare yourself for more bad news. Turns out, not only are you loading up on unwanted saccharine but also readying yourself for cardiac ailments.


Sweet Suicide

In a recent study conducted in Sweden, researched Susanna Larsson along with her team analyzed the drinking pattern of 42,000 men for a span of 12 years. The study was conducted to measure their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages.

The result of the research showed that individuals who consumed over two servings of soda per day had a 23% increased chance of falling prey to heart failure than the other. They researchers also witnessed 3,600 new heart failure cases during the course of the analysis.soda


Same for All

Even though the researches chose to analyze only men, it doesn’t imply that women are any safer. “The take-home message is that people who regularly drink sweetened beverages should consider reducing their consumption”, Larsson told Reuters.

“Sweetened beverage consumption has been associated with blood pressure, insulin concentration, weight gain, obesity and type 2 diabetes in women,” she added.dietsoda


Collateral Damage

Although experts point out that not all heart failure cases are fatal, they do leave an impact on your body and health.

Dr. Roberto Bolli, chief of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, told CNN “Patients with heart failure are severely limited in their ability to perform daily tasks, Bolli said. “They get short of breath for even small efforts like walking one block, or sometimes even walking inside their house.”men fitness