Did you hear about the bar-tending Hamster?

What goes on in the graveyard by day, is in the bar at night

Kawanabesatou is a happy man- though a bit grave at times. 

He works at a graveyard by day and at night he’s got his Ham-s full. He takes pictures of his pet hamsters bar tending in their miniature bars. Put miniature next to anything and I’ll describe it without seeing it; “Aw”. So here’s a collection of some of the pictures he uploaded. 

hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-9 hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-13 hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-17 hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-18 hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-19