Healthy Treats Now At Deliciae Patisserie

Healthy Treats Now At Deliciae Patisserie

After being a part of the European restaurant Out Of The Blue for several years, the patisserie that has served up the most delicious desserts with a standalone outlet, in Khar for one and half year is embarking on a new journey with a it’s healthy treats now. Nutri Bars, Keto Cookies, gluten free tarts crafted by Le Cordon Bleu trained Bunty Mahajan are here to make this year sweeter with also being healthy.

Bunty Mahajan’s journey has been nothing short of exceptional. After training at Bachman in the United Kingdom and expanding her craft through travel, her name is now synonymous with customized and luxurious cake designs. Her special attention to detail with a focus on taste and creativity has led her to develop a robust clientele that includes celebrities Ambani’s, Birla’s among other.

Desserts don’t go to the Stomach, Desserts go to the Heart. We have introduced an entire range of desserts with Zero refined sugar & Zero Gluten. Is it a mind sore hanging out with your friend on special diets? You know the Keto & the Vegan people? How have we made these healthy, you ask? We have used dates, jaggery, apple sauce, almond flour, coconut flower, mashed apricots, and bananas for our healthy substitute and have options like cakes, tea cakes, cookies, brownies & tarts.

We hope you enjoy these desserts! Here are our picks for the best, healthiest dessert recipes at the kitchen of Delicate Patisserie. With this project, the team aims to give the city an all-round experience of a modern, luxurious patisserie with easy access to handcrafted healthy desserts. This will drive your attention to the aspect that matters most to your choices of being healthy.

From chocolate lovers to fruit and more, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered with healthy option at Deliciae Patisserie’s new Dlite segment in Tea cake, vegan desserts, palio and Keto products like Dates and Oats Orange cake, Gluten free Chocolate Cake, Gluten free Carrot Cake, Almond Coconut cake, Blueberry Cake, Cranberry Cake, Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake and hearty Cookies like Oatmeal and raisin cookies, Banana Oats cookies, Chocolate Almond cookies and health bar.

Whether you’re stopping by to uplift your spirits after a hard day’s work, work out after gym, finishing a meal with a flourish or stock up on midnight treats to accompany your favorite film, you will be nothing short of delighted with the all new DliTe experience at Deliciae Patisserie.

What: Dlite Segment at Deliciae Patisserie

Where: Khar Danda Road, Opposite Curio cottage, Khar West – 400052

Time: 10am – 11.30 pm

To order: Visit or call 9029021260 / 9029021200


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