Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries

All of us are familiar with the guilt that creep in every time we reach out for that packet of fries. So, we are giving you five healthy chips ideas that you can easily make at home, and indulge in when you are hungry or bored. Its creative and healthy, what more could we ask for in food ?

Vegetable Chips, Really?

We know that’s what you are thinking, but hear us out.  Anything can taste better if its fried and crunchy. You could just microwave or bake or roast them. Add a dash of lemon, sprinkle some salt and pepper or any seasoning of your wish, and maybe you could add your favourite dip. Here is the best part now, they are super healthy.

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips are the best alternative for your usual deep fried potato chips. Get your sweet potato, slice them in to thin pieces and bake them in your oven. A bit of olive oil and salt would work magic on them.  Remember to flip them once during the baking process to ensure that they are crisp on both sides. Take them out when they are golden brown and crisp. They are great as a standalone dish, but if you are not happy, you can gobble them with your choice of dip.

Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries

Spinach Chips

We all know the benefits of spinach thanks to our grandma and Popeye. Spinach is loaded with nutrients and provide protein, vitamins to the body. Toss your spinach leaves into a bowl, and add a bit of olive oil and salt. Bake them in the oven for 7-10 minutes until the leaves have darkened slightly. Don’t forget to turn them over to make sure both the sides are properly done. Add a bit of lemon and you are good to go !

Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries

Green Beans Chips

Yes, you read it right. Green beans chips. We all know that green beans are actually good for our health, and an excellent source of vitamin A, K and protein. So, here is a way to sneak them to in to your diet. If your beans are frozen,make sure you thaw them before you bake them. You could bake them in the oven, and add a bit of oil and salt. Take them out when they are crunchy and add  a bit of lemon for flavor. You could also dehydrate the beans in a dehydrator and sprinkle a bit of salt, and add a bit of lemon.

Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries


Tapioca Chips

For all of you from South, you would know be familiar with this one. Made from the thin wafers of Tapioca or Kappa or Maravalli Kilangu, this is absolutely worth the cooking time. Peel the tapioca and boil it for a while. Slice it into thin slices. Now, here you need to sundry them for a day or two before you fry them. Add a bit of salt and chill powder, and you are done.

Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries

Beetroot Chips

Not a huge fan of beetroot ? That’s okay. Just cut them into thin slices and bake them. You can garnish them with rosemary or thyme, and they are all ready for munching. Frying or baking  the beets get rid of that vegetable taste a lot of people dislike.

Vegetable Chips Instead of Your Usual Fries

Now you know what to make when you are craving some chips and something that’s healthy as well.