Head To TRE For A Night Of Great Sheesha, Food And Drinks

There’s a common saying that “good things come in threes.” Tourists in India flock to visit the ‘golden triangle’; three points of interest in the country and photographers are encouraged to follow the ‘rule of threes’ to take a good photograph. Now, a new restaurant in Mumbai’s Raguvanshi Mills if further exemplifying the saying by offering patrons three things that will ensure a good night out; food, drinks and sheesha.

Meet Tre: Laze. Vapour. Buoyant

Tre: Laze, Vapour. Buoyant or Tre for short is a 2100 square foot lounge with both an inner and terrace level. While the lower level has plush blue couches, an ornate wall decor and gold accents – giving it that lush lounge vibe, the upper, terrace portion is a little more glitzy with a lovely breeze.

As its name suggests (TRE translates to ‘three’ from Spanish), TRE places a focus on three things to elevate its customers’ experience; the food, the drinks and the sheesha.

In the recent months, Mumbai has been re-doscovering its love for sheesha or hookah. Many bars which offer extensive sheesha menus have opened and some established bars have also begun setting aside specific areas for customers to smoke. TRE becomes unique in that the sheesha flavours are imported from Dubai, which allows customers a smoother, superlative experience.

The food menu, meanwhile, is pure vegetarian and places a focus on appetisers. As TRE’s general manager Richard Fernandes tells us at a recent visit, people tend to eat light when they’re out drinking. TRE’s menu, therefore offers a few pastas, pizzas and rice dishes along with a collection of Mexican, Continental and Indian appetisers.

It’s the drinks that have been given the spotlight at TRE; Fernandes tells us that the team has ben developing the drinks for almost three months. “We are very particular,” he says. “All the drinks have been created according to taste. We try to focus on fresh ingredients, which you can get from your local market.” So, Along with classic cocktails and neat drinks, TRE’s extensive drinks menu has unique shots like a Masala Paan and Salted Caramel Shot, and sGianture Cocktails like the Earl Grey Tea, the Past & Present (a house blended Bloody Mary) and the Mango Saffron.

Tasting The Talk

Buoyed by Fernandes’ excitement as he talked about the drinks, we decided to begin our tasting at TRE with an Earl Grey Tea and Mango saffron cocktail. The Earl Grey was a gin based drink with the smooth luxurious taste of earl grey shining through with hints of sage. The Mango Saffron was – simply put – summer in a glass – the depth of the dark rum was perfectly balanced out with the sweet, tangy mango pulp.

From the cocktail menu, we also sampled the Pan Angoori, which has been made ny infusing paan in gin for a month, the Black Apple Martini and the Tamarind Sour. Expectedly, the Paan Angoori boasted a strong, earthy paan flavour with some sourness.

The Tamarind Sour was equally strong – the bourbon shines through the tamarind pulp leaving an intense flavour on your tongue. For those who prefer a softer (and sweeter) touch, the Black Apple Martini is perfect; it mixes vodka with a golden tangy apple juice. Sweet tooths will also enjoy the Kir Royale, which blends crème de cassis, sparkling wine and a delicious fresh peach puree.

Another favourite saying of ours (slightly adapted) is “all booze and no bites makes Jack a drunk boy”, so, a we enjoyed our cocktail parade we savoured a few appetisers as well. Particularly enjoyable was the LebMax Machos, which piled dollops of cheese and vegetables atop flatbread creating a delightful balance of textures. We also enjoyed the Mushroom Tikka, made with smooth, creamy button mushrooms and the Laffas which stuffs assorted shredded vegetables into soft tortilla bread. 

From the mains menu, we sampled the Pasta Alfredo, in which fusilli was tossed in a velvety, rich cream sauce.

Finally, we rounded off our meal with the New York Cheesecake; the perfect balance of cream cheese and crust and the perfect way to end our tasting.

If you’re looking for a good time tonight or through the weekend, we’d definitely recommend you grab a few friends and head to TRE. Tell us what you think!


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