Head To The Leela Palace Bangalore For A “Surreal Sushi” Experience at Zen

Sushi lovers rejoice, because you’ve got a new sashimi destination on your list! It’s a fact that great sushi is hard to find, so the Leela Palace has made things a bit easier. Made from the finest of ingredients and handcrafted by expat master-chefs, Zen is all set to bring to you surreal sushis from the land of the rising sun.

Head To The Leela Palace Bangalore For A "Surreal Sushi" Experience at Zen

Find the perfect sushi made with Japanese tuna, prawn and other fresh ingredients, that aren’t very easy to come by! Try out their Avocado and Kappa roll, Spicy Crispy Asparagus roll, Toro Sake roll, Crispy Sake roll and much more.

Grab that friend that loves sushi just as much as you do (or almost as much as you do) and make sure you pencil Zen into your calendar. It’s not everyday that you get to try Japanese tuna, now is it?

Date: 11th to 24th March 2019

Time: Available for Lunch and Dinner

Place: Zen, The Leela Palace Bangalore, HAL Road, Bangalore