Head To Kazé For Slamming Sushi, Gorgeous Views, & Brilliant Brews

One of the best things about living in Bangalore (apart from the weather, of course) is the vibrant food culture that permeates the city. We were stoked when Kazé opened its doors, because, let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too many Pan-Asian restaurants, and we’re all pretty much suckers for a good view! We made our way to Bangalore’s latest hotspot to soak in some views, try some booze, and satisfy our stomachs – and boy, were we not disappointed!

Kazé Daze

Kazé actually means wind in Japanese, and it sure does live up to its name, with a lovely breeze and breath-taking views that will definitely blow you away (pun intended)! We kicked things off with the Kiku (aptly named after a gorgeous Japanese princess) that combined vodka, basil, lime and cinnamon for a refreshingly complex cocktail which wasn’t overpowered by the cinnamon – we could definitely drink those all day.

We then moved on to a selection of appetizers, some of our favourites were the Ebi Yaki – prawn skewers infused with lemongrass, and the Mieng Tofu Cups. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll definitely appreciate just how brilliantly the tofu has been cooked! The water chestnut combined with the peanuts also provide an exciting textural element that was pretty mind-blowing!

Next, it was sushi time, and we have to say we were extremely excited by the sushi platter that came our way with three different vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi types so we could have the complete sushi experience at Kazé! The Maguru slayed in its simplicity, while the Ebi Nigri was definitely the showstopper from the non-vegetarian options. Oh, and if you’re a Friends fan, you can also get Unagi (not the state of total awareness, just to be clear). Vegetarians have no fear because the Shittake Tare will have you feeling like you’re not missing out on anything, while the Mixed Vegetable Roll is great for a more classic option.

If you enjoy dim sum then you have to try the Prawn and Pork Black Truffle Oil dim sum, it’s not too overpowering with the truffle oil and the combination of prawn and pork is a traditional Japanese favorite (with good reason too)! An interesting dish that we discovered at Kazé was the Chicken Sui Mai, which is an open-faced dumpling, perfect for anyone who thinks the stuffing is the best part!

For dessert, we opted to try the Matcha Swiss Roll with Black Sesame Ice Cream and we got to say, the standout for us was the intense black sesame flavor they managed to capture beautifully which was offset by the lightness of the matcha sponge and the sweetness of the caramel sauce – the perfect way to end our meal. In our opinion, if you’re looking for great views, brilliant food, and classy cocktails – the whole package, really, Kazé fits the bill perfectly!


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