Head To 10th Street Cafe To Relish Health Wrapped In Scrumptious Delicacies

Head To 10th Street Cafe To Relish Health Wrapped In Scrumptious Delicacies

Growing up on greasy, deep fried food and everything with a dollop of ghee, the thought of health for many was restricted to just fruits or salads. The idea of eating healthy simply didn’t sound appealing but over the past five years it has changed overwhelmingly. Organic food, vegan options, salads which are fun and tasty to eat have become a trend and we’re simply loving it. Speaking of which, newly opened 10th Street Cafe at Khar seems to be doing an amazing job of making healthy, gourmet food and we thoroughly enjoyed trying out their menu.

Healthy Gourmet Food

10th Street Cafe is quite close to the Khar station and has gorgeous black and white interiors. Brightly lit with a comfortable ambience, it was packed on a weekday afternoon. The weather being hot and humid as usual, we required zero convincing for a refreshing cocktail. We picked European Sour which was made in their own unique style with house wine. It goes quite well with their Spinach Goat Cheese Pizza which has a thin crust, a lovely tomato sauce and is topped with herbed mushroom, sauteed spinach, artichokes, goat cheese and mozzarella. The flavours were absolutely amazing especially the artichokes and the lightly sauteed mushroom.

Next we tried the Quinoa Bean Salad which was really wholesome and tasty. We could simply eat one bowl of this for lunch and maybe a light sandwich and call it a meal. The salad is made of quinoa, black beans, corn, jalapenos, balsamic vinegar dressing with a generous dollop of sour cream. They also add seasonal avocado which makes this a bowlful of goodness. We intended to have more from the healthy category but simply couldn’t resist the charm of gnocchi and in case of 10th Street Cafe, Blue Cheese Gnocchi. Rich, creamy and the burst of flavour from the blue cheese that covers the delicate gnocchi is simply mind blowing and one shouldn’t miss it.

The Irresistible Wobbly Dessert

As we couldn’t stop ourselves from finishing the sumptuous gnocchi we opted for the healthy yet delicious Panna Cotta with Blueberry Compote for dessert. MasterChef Australia has got me addicted to the mandatory wobble in a panna cotta which has me shaking up the plate every time. Did this one have the wobble? Hell yes! And it was a smashing panna cotta with a lovely, refreshing compote. Needless to say we had a smashing time trying out the food at 10th Street Cafe and would love to head down their again soon and we’re sure you would too!


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