Head Over To Darzi Bar & Kitchen For A Tailor-Made Experience
October 8, 2018
Ishita Khanna (404 articles)

Head Over To Darzi Bar & Kitchen For A Tailor-Made Experience

This restaurant in Connaught Place caught our eye because of its ‘darzi’ based theme. When we walked in, it legit felt like we had walked into a bespoke tailor shop until the delicious food and their quirky bar reminded us that we were at a restaurant. It is quite evident that they have gone to great lengths to make sure that even the minute details give it a ‘darzi ki dukaan’ feel. The walls are mounted with the typical tailor’s paraphernalia like the sewing machine, hangers, scissors, measurement charts and several other sewing tools.

The food that we tasted was also clearly tailor-made to satiate our taste buds. We started off with the Chicken Caesar Salad and boy, we were impressed! Even though it’s a classic and a common recipe, it’s rarely prepared to perfection but Darzi Kitchen and Bar served it to us on-point. Moving on, we tried their signature Paneer Tikka Pesto which were cottage cheese cubes marinated in freshly made pesto (10/10 for this dish!), Classic Chicken Tikka and their ISBT Makhani Maggi. The fusion twist to the all-time favourite Maggi was buttery and rich and of course, we loved it. We also tried their Masala beer and the Santra Mocktail which were nothing extraordinary but decent enough to accompany our meal.

Our verdict? – Darzi Bar and Kitchen is definitely a must-try if you are looking for some good food and a chill time with friends. They have tried to do something different in the food biz and they have surely succeeded in that front.

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Ishita Khanna

Ishita Khanna

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