Head To The Itsy Bitsy Food Festival In Mumbai This Weekend For Bite Sized Treats And A Spotlight On Food Waste

In 2013, the UN reported that one third of the world’s food is wasted annually. When you consider the amount of people around the world suffering from malnutrition as well as the amount resources (natural, economic, physical) that go into making food, that number is staggering.

A World Working Towards Reducing Food Waste

After that report the world has seen a growing focus on curbing food wastage; France mandated that all surplus from supermarkets be donated to charity while the ‘Ugly Food’ movement encourages customers to consumer vegetables and fruits that may appear bruised and misshapen.


Various apps, such as Spoiler Alert have been conceptualised to reduce wastage on an individual level.

Reducing Food Waste in Mumbai

Closer to home, there are several initiatives in Mumbai that aim to cut down on the waste of food. In December last year, a collection of Mumbai’s famous dabbawalas collaborated to create Roti Bank, a service in which they distribute excess food from large events to the needy. The Robin Hood Army is another organisation which operates in a similar way – head here to read more about it and other organisations that take leftover food donations.


In a further effort to focus on food waste, High Street Phoenix in association with Mumbai Foodie and Paprika Idea Labs is holding the Itty Bitsy Food Festival this weekend.

The Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

The festival, which will take place tomorrow and day after at the High Street Phoenix is also being called India’s first Zero Wastage Food Festival.

30 food stations, set up by some of the city’s most popular eateries like Ellipsis Bakery, Di Bella Coffee, Papacream, Loco Chino and Brewbot will be serving bite sized portions of regular dishes. These will allow customers to enjoy a wider spread of dishes as well as ensure food waste is cut down on.

After the festival, all non-reusable material will be donated to Roti Bank and the Robin Hood Army and will then be passed on to the needy.

Additionally, the festival will feature talks on reducing food wastage as well as prefermances by Kalyani Sakkarwal, Siddhant Vernekar and Aarifah Rebello.

In a statement to the press, Rajendra Kalkar, the president of Phoenix Mills in the West said ““We are glad to be a part of curating this unique concept of Itsy Bitsy. While helping the brands showcase a variety of their cuisines through bite sized portions, we are also proud to be campaigning the cause for eliminating food-wastage.”