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Head To Gorai Beach This Sunday For The Sun, Sand, Sea and Delicious Street Food


What are your plans this Sunday, Mumbai foodies? If you’ve not got any yet, why not load up your cars and head North to Gorai beach? We were there last weekend and it was inevitably crowded but, at the same time, a welcome change from the urban jungle. Head there at low tide with your friends and family to splash in the surf, hunt for shells, build castles of sand and enjoy some delicious food.

Gorai has a plethora of restaurants, many of which serve fresh seafood. On this visit, however, we choose to stuff ourselves with the street food from stalls on the beach itself. Somehow, street food tastes even better when eaten by the sea.

What’s To Eat?

Lots. There’s a whole bunch of street food options from chaat to golas to roasted corn to samosas. We began with enjoying some freshly roasted corn of the cob or bhutta, which had been rubbed with a combination of chili powder and lemon juice.


We followed that up with a generous helping of channa chaat, which combined channa, raw mangoes coriander leaves, onions and tomatoes to make a delicious, wholesome snack.


After working up our appetites again by splashing in the waves, we guzzled down lemon, kala meetha and strawberry golas from a moveable cart parked just at the seashore.


Needless to say, we went home stuffed, happy and tired. Sounds like something you can handle? Watch our video which will further convince you that Gorai is where you need to be this Sunday.