Head To The Best Restaurants In Malad West To Chow Down At This Week

Happy Monday, foodies! if you plan to visit the ‘burbs this week, here are the best restaurants in Malad West to chow down at.


Sigree Global Grill

Sigree Global Grill brings together flavours from across the world to live grills on each table. These include Malaysian satays, Mexican grills Japanese yakitori and American barbecues.



Chilli’s has an outlet in Malad West dishing out delicious burgers and their world famous cocktails.


The Peking Tom

The Peking Tom serves Pan Asian fare and is extremely popular in the area fora casual meal. Try the Pan Fried Noodles, Dim Sum and Crab Soup.


Flag’s offers vegetarian, romantic candle night dinners. It serves North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Thai fare.

Galaxy of Stars

Galaxy of Stars is a neon-lit bar with light bites. These include Chicken Crispy Nachos, Pizza, Prawns Fried Rice and Rolls.

Made In Punjab

Enjoy authentic flavours from Punjab at this restaurant. It’s known for its kebab spread and tikkas.

Radhika’s Shiv Sagar Restaurant

If you’re low on cash head to Radhika’s, which is an old restaurant in Malad which serves dishes like sabudana wada, idlis, dosas and pav bhaji.