Head To BAR BAR For Some Seriously Scrumptious Wings
November 12, 2017
Christina George (1580 articles)

Head To BAR BAR For Some Seriously Scrumptious Wings

Recently, we told you’ll about how BAR BAR has an awesome wings festival going on to go with the brilliant drinks (and prices). However, we wanted to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. So, one windy evening, we braved the traffic, and the threat of rain to make our way over to one of our favorite drinking spots.

Our excitement levels peaked upon reading the description of the wings. Maple Bacon wings, marinated in cider vinegar and bourbon, Boozy Wings, with that tequila and salt twist, Khatta Meetha Wings, with Imli & Aamchoor,  Cheesy Wings, parmesan and Italian seasoning and, of course, the classic Fiery Wings, with that classic Peri Peri taste.

Of course, being the gluttons we are (it’s in the name, for Christsakes), we ordered all of them. The Maple Bacon wings were our absolute favorite, the sweet and sticky maple sauce combining gloriously with the salt and crisp of the bacon. If you love bacon you’ll definitely want to try these, finger-licking good!

If you’re a Peri Peri fan, you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Fiery Wings, they’ve absolutely nailed that hot taste. Parmesan lovers, you’ll be overjoyed by how generous they are with the cheese. While tequila isn’t really my cup of tea, the first bit into the Boozy Wings gives you that alcoholic hit.

So, we’re thinking that November 19th is too soon to say goodbye to these wings, especially the Maple Bacon Wings. Fingers crossed that they come back as a permanent menu item, till then, we’re gonna make the most of every opportunity to have them, with a mug of beer, of course!


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