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Havmor Launches Chai Biscuit Ice Cream Along With A Range Of Indian Flavours


A report by FnB News has revealed that Havmor Ice Cream has launched a range of ice creams which have Indian flavours. These range of ice creams includes flavours like Chai Biscuit, Rose Petal Punch, Paan, Gulkand, Anjir, Ras Malai and Shahi Kheer.

Chai Biscuit Ice Cream

The report further said that these ice creams include native ingredients and are developed according to the preference of their customers. “This season our key focus was to introduce Made-for-India flavours that reflect the Taste of India,” said Chaitanya Rele, vice-president, head of marketing, Havmor Ice Cream to FnB News. “The customers will not only be able to savour the latest flavour innovations, but also be able to indulge in nostalgia that the traditional flavours offer.”

The approach to developing these flavours was also quite unique. “We have also involved the winners of our #TheCoolestSummerJob2017 in this endeavour. They have come up with flavours that are the perfect blend between contemporary and traditional, and keep in mind what appeals to the local palate. Chai Biscuit and Rose Petal Punch are the innovations of these winners,” Rele explained.

The price of the ice cream will range from Rs. 10 to Rs.280 based on the categories like kulfi, cups, tubs, etc. Chai Biscuit flavour is a creamy ice cream whereas Rose Petal Punch is an ice candy made using rose petals. Havmor has Paan, Gulkand and Anjir in their kulfi range and their other ice-creams include Paan, Ras Malai and Shahi Kheer.

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