Havmor Ice Cream Enters Delhi This Month

Major ice cream brand, Havmor ice cream, plans to enter the ice cream market in Delhi this month. This is part of the brand’s plan to expand to North India.

More about Havmor

Havmor’s history began before India was formed; it started as an ice cream shop in Karachi, headed by Satish Chona. Following the Partition, Chona came to India and took Havmor to Ahmedabad, where it quickly expanded into an extremely popular ice cream brand.


Today Havmor has over 160 products, making it one of the country’s largest ice cream brands when it comes to range. It has more than 30,000 outlets across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Telangana.

Havmor’s Expansion Plans

Havmor’s entry into Delhi is a part of a strategy to expand its presence in North India. Commenting on this plan, Ankit Chona, the maanging director of the company said that Havmor will be expanding to Uttar  Pradesh as well as Haryana in this fiscal year.

To cater to this expansion, a new ice cream manufacturing plant will be set up at Faridabad for Rs. 80 crore, which will manufacture 1 lakh litres of products per day.

In terms of marketing, Havmor has recently launched a 360 degree brand campaign with the tag line “Goodness the world deserves”, which featured the brand’s first TVCs as well as pint and billboard ads: 

Popular Havmor products include its Topo Cones, Sundaes and its Roll Cuts.