Have You Tried Mumbai’s Most Unique Street Sandwiches?


One of the reasons that Mumbai is so beloved among its inhabitants and visitors alike is that it is filled with creative, innovative souls. For instance, if you look closely at sandwich stalls on the street, you’ll notice that many creative street vendors have put their own unique twists on traditional sandwich ingredients. The result? Bizarre sounding sandwiches that are completely and undeniably addictive. Take a look at some of our favourites.

The Chocolate Sandwich


No, it’s not the same as spreading Nutella on toast. These sandwiches consist of heaps of shaved chocolate topped with chocolate syrup enfolded in two slices of bread. It’s heaven in a bite. 

Try it at: Gupta Chaat Center

Paneer Masala Toast



The traditional sandwich gets a desi twist when the makers replace cheese with paneer. It’s soft, crumbly and deliciously decadent.

Try it at: Lucky Sandwich and Pizza Corner

Jungli Sandwich


Jungli translated means ‘wild’, and the jungli sandwich lives up to its name by being an explosion of unusual ingredients; mayonnaise and chutney mixed with chopped boiled potatoes.

Try it at: Sandwich stall next to Mithibai college.

The Bombay Sandwich

Piled high with a variety of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers) and cheese, The Bombay Sandwich can be said to be a symbol of Mumbai’s varied and overflowing population.

Try it at: Sandwich stall next to St Xavier’s College.

Sev Puri Sandwich


One of Mumbai’s favourite types of chaat meets the sandwich at many street stalls. This sandwich (naturally) is a massive hit among customers, but can be quite a mess to eat.

Try it at: Gupta Chaat Center