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Have You Heard About Most Stuf Oreos? They Might Be Coming Soon!


Let’s just be honest about one thing, Oreo’s are amazing, and Mondelez International has continuously pulled out all the stops when it comes to releasing new flavors! However, Most Stuf Oreos are about to blow your mind. In case you haven’t heard about them, they’re basically Oreos – supersized!

This urban legend (aka we thought they didn’t exist) may be hitting stores soon, so you can get serious about sticking to your one cookie a day diet. According to Instagram account thejunkfoodaisle, the picture they’ve posted on their account is an actual representation of the Most Stuf Oreos – that’s sure to get you excited.

While the Daily Meal did contact Mondelez to confirm the release, their representative ‘declined to confirm or deny the existence of the new cookie’, the keyword being that they didn’t deny that Most Stuf Oreos could be coming to a store near you – fingers crossed!


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