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Have A Swappin’ Good Time With These Healthy Food Substitutes


Are you a health freak? Does a meal replacement always seem like a debatable situation for you? Or are you the kind that just can’t get enough of your favourite junk food? Well, we know how you feel. What we also know is that trying to be healthy and straying away from our favourite foods is quite hard, especially if snacking is your thing. That’s why we came up with this list of healthy food items that you can substitute in your regular diet without compromising on flavour. In fact, we’ve tried it out and we love it even more! 

Love baking brownies but can’t handle all that butter? Use avocado instead! Can’t help yourself to a little frozen delight after a meal? Fro-yo tastes just as good as ice cream does. Is a tortilla wrap too much? Get your hands on a lettuce wrap. Love snacking on a little candy? Dried fruit and nuts make great little treats! Our list of healthy food substitutes include oats in place of sugary cereals as they make great breakfasts and are much more healthier, chia seeds in place of bread crumbs when you want to do a little bit of fried-style baking and coating your meat, and green tea in place of soda when you’re looking for something refreshing to drink because we all know that soda can damage while green tea can give you so many health benefits to look forward to. So go ahead and binge on these because you know you can do so with absolutely no guilt and feel better about your body!