Have A Hangover In Japan? This Tin Of Clam Soup Is The Ultimate Cure

We all know that feeling of waking up on Sunday morning, holding your head, trying to recall more than just flashes of the previous night, promising yourself never to drink another drop of alcohol, if only you could cure this feeling in an instant, right? 

Well, apparently this Japanese brand Negations claims to have arrived at the ‘ultimate hangover cure’ with this tin of hot miso soup. Whilst the healing qualities of a good soup or broth might be nothing new, this is a soup that packs a fishy punch because every can contains 70 clams.

clam clam

It might not seem like the most appealing soup in the world, the soup does contain magical properties of amino acid ‘orthine’ that is linked to reduce stress level, prevent fatigue and help improve quality of sleep. 

This practice has been followed by the centuries by the Japanese. 

Orthine actually assists in detoxification and can help contribute towards increased liver health.  Ideally drunk at the end of the evening of excess and slept on, the orthine should work it’s magic during the night enabling you to leap out of bed headache free in the morning.

The drink is currently sold from vending machines and convenience stores in Japan for 121 yen, roughly US$1.

Next time you find yourself feeling sick after a particularly wild night, try making soup clam soup, will you?