Application to Harmonize Wines and Dishes – Free

Trying to figure out on your own which wines pair well with which foods can seem impossible. It seems like there are so many combinations and so many ways to be wrong

Luckily, mobile apps can solve almost any problem, including this one.

In this short article, we are going to be looking at the pocket wine app. This app will help you become an expert on wine and food pairing. 

Application to Harmonize Wines and Dishes - Free

Pocket Wine FEATURES

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming a wine expert with the pocket wine app. The app is capable of analyzing over 100 varieties of grapes and blends so that once you have an understanding of them, you’ll be able to understand anyone.

One important thing to note is that the developers of the Pocket Wine state that the app does not review specific wines, but is rather there to help you understand what makes up each wine so that you can make an informed purchase that meets the requirements you’re looking for. 

However, the app can make some suggestions on the styles that you might enjoy based on your answers to a series of questions.

The Pocket Wine app is packed with professional tools and information that will make the learning process as smooth as possible. It contains definitions of which style of wine, descriptions of the foods that pair best with regional wines, and a pairing tool that will help you determine that style of a wine that goes well with hundreds of recipes.

The search function makes finding information extremely easy, so if you’re looking for a specific style of wine, you won’t need to waste your time. Another powerful tool is the glossary, which helps you freshen up on your wine terminology.

A Style Guide is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to plan a wine trip or tour catered to wineries. It also acts as a useful everyday tool.

Be sure to visit the Pocket Wine website.

How to Download and Use

Pocket Wine is available from the App Store. Unfortunately, there is no app available for android devices, and there has been no announcement of plans to develop one. 

Picture this: you’re walking up and down the wine aisle of your favorite liquor store, and you come across a bottle of wine that you’ve never seen or tried before. You can whip out your Pocket Wine, find that style of wine, and learn more about its taste and level of sweetness or dryness.

Once you’ve bought a wine, you’ll be able to add it to your My Wines list in the app. This will allow you to take a picture of the label, the wine’s price, the content of alcohol, whether it’s in your cellar or not, some notes, a rating, and more.

At the bottom of the app, you will see four tabs, namely Styles, Grapes, My Wines, and Food. These tabs are quite self-explanatory.

The Styles tab will give you all the information you could possibly need regarding a certain style of wine. This is one of the app’s most useful features since it will allow you to determine whether or not you might like a certain style of wine before you’ve even tried it

The Grapes tab, as you may have guessed, will give you information on over 100 different types of grapes that are used to make wine. 

My Wines tab gives you a list of all the wines you’ve tried and recorded, so you can go back and see what you liked and what you didn’t.

Finally, the Food tab will give you plenty of information regarding which wines pair well with certain foods. This is extremely useful for your wine-and-dine night out, as it lets you plan your wine selection based on the food you’re eating, so you have the most enjoyable dining experience possible. 

The app will also give you some examples of food that pair well with a specific wine.

Application to Harmonize Wines and Dishes - Free


If you’re looking to become an expert on wine and food pairings, then look no further that the Pocket Wine app. With its great variety of food and wine tools, you’ll become a wine connoisseur in no time!